“I can’t wait for 2020 to be over!”
“We need to turn the last page of this calendar.”
“This year just needs to be done.”

Almost everyone I’ve talked to has said some version of these words as 2020 ended. Here we are now at the beginning of 2021, with the freshness that a new year always holds. Because 2020 was so devastating, the feeling of promise that this new year carries is even greater than usual. While the Akashic Records suggest that 2021 does bring winds of change, they also offer this sage advice: While there is an underlying tone of joy, stay personally centered, be prepared to work together, and get ready for surprises.

From the Akashic Records
What do the Akashic Records say about 2021?
They’re calling 2021 “The Year of Surprises.” Everyone is in for a lot of surprises, both individually and collectively. 2021 will also be a year of ups and downs. There will be troughs and peaks. The troughs have the potential to be deeper, yet the peaks will likely be higher. Just about everyone will have these kinds of experiences. Despite the troughs and peaks, however, the general trajectory is upward, for individuals as well as for society as a whole.

Can the Akashic Records say a little more about the ups and down of 2021?
There will be some political surprises. The politics surrounding these surprises are less important than the power of people coming together as a result of the surprises. In some ways, 2020 was meant to get everyone ready for the ongoing ups and downs of 2021 and beyond. Yet, no matter what happens, everyone has the capacity to hold in their hands a little bit of our collective safety net to help ensure that people don’t fall through it. 2021 has a lot to do with people coming together in ways we don’t yet know we are able to do, as a culture, as neighbors, and as families. Stay centered and look around for the safety nets you and others can take hold of together. The power of this year is in individuals coming together for a common purpose.

Do the Akashic Records have to say anything about Earth changes in 2021?
There’s always the potential for earthquakes, but it’s a bit higher in 2021. This potential—again, it’s potential, not a prediction—could impact the West Coast and the middle of the United States, as well as some of the larger Pacific Islands. The Pacific Ring of Fire—the horseshoe-shaped belt that stretches from New Zealand to Japan and Russia, across to Alaska and down the west coast of the United States and South America—shows more energy for seismic activity in 2021.

What about the East Coast of the United States?
There is greater potential for more and bigger storms. These storms have the possibility of affecting larger population centers along the northeastern coast. The 2021 storm season has the potential to generate prolonged, larger storms that go farther north.

Will COVID-19 go away in 2021?
No, not entirely. This coronavirus will be with us and won’t completely disappear. There are a lot of illnesses, like the measles, colds, and influenzas, that are in common circulation. Like these other illnesses, the coronavirus causing COVID-19 is now widely circulating. The devastating, deadly outbreak of 2020 will begin to abate, but unfortunately the virus won’t be wholly eliminated. Vaccines will be the major turning point in getting the virus under control, but it’s going to take until the summer or even late August before there’s a collective sigh of relief that the worst is behind us.

The Akashic Records also have this note of caution: In the coming generations, there’s the potential for even larger outbreaks of new viruses. As a whole we have learned a lot through dealing with this coronavirus. The Akashic Records say we’ll need to adapt what we’ve learned in 2020 and apply it in the future. The current virus has served as a collective wake-up call to show us that we all need to work together to successfully navigate potential future pandemics.

It seems like there was a lot of polarization in 2020. Are we heading toward more unity in 2021?
The polarization we saw in 2020 was always there but simmering under the surface. The lid is now off. The issues that led to polarization likely won’t get covered up again as they had been in the past. All of the solutions won’t come in 2021. This is a significant—and real opportunity—for us as a whole to see and respond to issues that have been below the surface for a very long time. The lid’s off, the issues are more visible, and more people than ever are engaged in taking a hard, heartfelt look at what’s been going on and how they can be part of the solution.

As individuals, is there any attitude or practice that we can use in 2021 to help things move along in a positive way?
The Akashic Records say, “Hold on to your hats!” It’s like a big, strong spring wind is blowing through all of 2021 to sweep away stuff that needs to be cleaned out. The feeling behind this image is one of joy. Despite the ups and downs that we can expect in 2021, there’s an underlying feeling of joy that wasn’t there in 2020.

If I were to hold energy—like renewal, forgiveness, love, or joy—what would that be for 2021?
Be centered within yourself because the cleansing winds are strong. The feeling behind this cleansing wind is one of joy. However, this surprising wind could be startling or even frightening. If you focus on fear, there’s a chance that you’re going to be emotionally blown off-center. The advice the Akashic Records offer is to stay centered within yourself as these winds of change blow through.