March 21


01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

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Maribeth Stephens


Special note: To respect the health and well-being of everyone during this unprecedented time, this channeling is now an online event. Once you purchase your Eventbrite ticket, Maribeth will send you a separate email with a Zoom link.

Akashic Records Channeling on Transformation
The idea of transformation may appear linear: one change leads to another and then another and soon the transformation is complete. But according to the Akashic Records, each choice made and each action taken during a transformational process opens up a multitude of pathways all along the process. Transformation isn’t a straight path. And because of this, making a single change can open up spaces you probably could never have envisioned.

Join Akashic Records Intuitive Maribeth Stephens as she opens the Akashic Records of Transformation. You’ll be invited to ask questions about these Akashic Records and receive answers directly from them. Connect with like-minded spiritual adventurers for an hour-long Q&A that’s sure to be filled with warmth, fun and, quite possibly, some surprises.

About the Akashic Records
Filled with Love and Wisdom, the Akashic Records are a dimension of spiritual consciousness that:

  • Offer deep exploration and support growth
  • Illuminate balance and simplicity
  • Connect the personal and the spiritual
  • Offer empathetic understanding
  • Respond to the desire for growth and spiritual expansion

Connecting with the Akashic Records allows you to connect with spiritual energy to gain understanding from a wider, deeper perspective that can resonate long after the channeling is over.

Event Notes

  • 18 and older only, please
  • Purchase tickets in advance for $20 (plus Eventbrite ticket fee)
  • No refunds unless event is canceled
  • This event may be recorded only for the purpose of gathering material for an upcoming blog post. If any content is used as part of a written blog, no identifying information will be included

Please note that because this is a group event, your individual Records won’t be open and questions about your personal situation can’t be answered. For information about an individual Akashic Records reading please email Maribeth.

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