What people are saying about readings with Maribeth

Peace, understanding, confirmation

As an intuitive myself, Maribeth’s gift of connection was immediately apparent. The words she chose and the images she described were so specific to me and what I needed to hear, and they brought me so much peace, understanding, and confirmation of my path. I received so much valuable information in this reading that I’m still mulling over and discovering new aha moments and connections. I would highly recommend working with Maribeth if you are in need of clarity, confirmation, or just want to learn a little bit more about yourself and how you’re walking through the world. Thank you Maribeth!

Hannah E, Seattle

Kindness, grace

The sacred practice Maribeth skillfully offers is done with grace, kindness, and clear understanding. After my time with Maribeth, I have referred family members and other friends to her and they also have been blessed with her Akashic Records readings. We have all departed with a positive, life-changing experience and a new knowledge of self.

KR, Seattle/Maui

Accurate, specific, illuminating

I went into my first Akashic Records reading not knowing what to expect, but Maribeth quickly made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was surprised by how accurate and specific the reading was, and how illuminating it was in so many different areas of my life. Some of my intuitions about my life were affirmed, but there were also some surprising revelations to me—especially around my relationships—that made a lot of sense when I pondered the reading later in retrospect. I left the reading feeling like the universe had very literally nudged me in the right direction and I felt a sense of peace about the areas I can focus my time/energy on to help bring me to the next stage of my life journey. The clarity, understanding, and non-judgement that Maribeth brought to the reading was a key part of the process for me, and I look forward to booking readings with her in the future!

KD, Seattle


Wow. I have just listened to our last Akashic Records reading. It is so powerful. You are really good at what you do.

MF, Seattle

Amazing gift

Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about Maribeth and the amazing gift that she shared when she read my Akashic Records. Maribeth provided such accurate and relevant information and guidance—even answering questions before I had the chance to ask them. She warmly guided me through the answers to my questions and the directions I should be taking, helping me to see the bigger picture and to remember that I am never alone in this journey. I’ve never felt so supported, loved, and guided to living my best physical life. Finding a spiritual teacher with clarity, grace, and kindness is such an amazing gift—and Maribeth is just that for me. Thank you Maribeth!

Julieann F, Seattle


That was such an affirming reading, thank you. I was quite nervous. Rather than the reading being something to be anxious about, I received a gift instead! The Akashic Records are smart. Thank you for being the facilitator of that.

LR, South Africa

Truly gifted

Maribeth is truly gifted! She brought forth a deep wisdom in her reading that was affirming, insightful, and actionable for my life.

Cynthia C, Seattle


Maribeth is a wonderful Akashic Records reader. One word to describe her reading is clarity! She provides clarity from an intellectual perspective, but at the same time with such thoughtfulness. Her connection is by evident the clarity of guidance she provides. It was truly a great experience!

VC, California


Thank you, Maribeth! You blew me away. You validated all of things that Spirit had been repeatedly telling me. I also very much appreciate your straightforwardness and your sincerity.

Nancy, Western Washington

Inspiring insights

What an enlightening experience having a glimpse into my Akashic Records with Maribeth. It far exceeded my expectations and gave me inspiring insights into areas of my life where I had been feeling stuck. Being able to ask specific questions and access my soul’s wisdom provided new and unexpected solutions which left me feeling refreshed and excited by the possibilities open to me. Even though this was the first time I had spoken to Maribeth and my first Akashic reading, too, her warm and caring approach made me feel comfortable right from the start and I felt deeply touched by the whole experience. Thank you so much.

Rhona, UK

Skill, grace, presence

Maribeth didn’t know me from Adam, and my questions were pretty specific, so I was impressed by both the long-game wisdom of the answers that came through, as well as the accuracy around particular details from my family history she couldn’t possibly have known. I’ve listened to my reading four times so far, and every time I hear something else—either a phrase I hadn’t heard before, or I get an entirely different take on a particular word, or I see the implications of an answer on a much broader level—like watching something suddenly shift from two dimensions into a hologram. The ongoing takeaways for me have been: (1) very specific and personal “one-liners” which came through and help me to stay on track; (2) much more confidence in the both the path and inner compass I’m following; and (3) a subtle but profound awareness that no matter who is or isn’t in my physical realm, I’m never flying solo. Thank you Maribeth for the skill, grace, and presence you bring to this sacred practice.

Stephanie R, New Mexico

Integrity and emotional sensitivity

I’ve known Maribeth for many years and she is a person with high integrity, wisdom, and emotional sensitivity. She has given me several amazing readings with perceptive insights that helped me understand the situations and people more clearly.

V, New England

Better, clearer understanding

There were many very meaningful points that you brought up that gave me a better, clearer understanding of a situation or relationship. That understanding allowed me to easily make a shift to a place of ease and love on issues that have literally been with me for as many as 50 years! What a blessing you are! Thank you!

JC, New Hampshire