Explore your own way of knowing

The power of honoring yourself

The Akashic Records are a way for you to access and explore your own way of knowing, your own spiritual wisdom. The information that comes through your Akashic Records is from your soul and its connection to spiritual wisdom. This knowledge can complement—but not be a substitute for—your own thinking, feeling, and insight. You know what is true for you. Honor that. Honor yourself. An Akashic Records reading is not about someone else telling you what to do or what to avoid. You have your own personal power. Use it. Exercise your capacity to make the decisions that are right for you.

The power of the process

Legal names have a particular resonance that act as a doorway into the Akashic Records. To access your Akashic Records, we will use your current legal name. (A legal name is on government documents, like the name on your tax return or driver’s license.) Once inside the Akashic Records, the knowledge about your soul and its connection to other energies is limitless.

When we begin a consultation, I’ll do a brief and silent meditation and visualization. I’ll then say a blessing to access your Akashic Records. I’ll let you know when I’ve accessed them so you can ask your questions. At the end, I’ll say a short blessing to close your Akashic Records. During our consultation, I will remain fully present but set my thoughts aside so that the information and images that come through are only from your Akashic Records.

As I am going through the process of opening your Akashic Records, you are also energetically affected. The visualization and blessing allow both of us to step away from everyday consciousness—our usual thinking processes—and into a vastly wider and deeper consciousness.

The power of opening to yourself

When your Records are accessed, you may experience a rush of energy, feel a bit emotional or tired, or sense that something is now just a little bit different. It’s also just as likely you won’t feel anything. Regardless of what you do or don’t experience at the moment your Records are accessed, know that the energy of your Akashic Records opens you to you in a new way.

During a consultation, there are usually a few aha moments. After your Records are closed, you will continue to process the energy for quite some time. This is why I suggest clients wait at least four to six weeks before scheduling a follow-up consultation. It’s not unusual to have more aha moments over the course days, weeks, or even months. All of this processing moves you toward your place of balance.

A consultation may touch on topics that are deeply personal. Understand that I am not a nurse, counselor, psychotherapist, physician, or licensed practitioner of any kind. The Akashic Records are spiritual in nature. An Akashic Records consultation can illuminate energetic patterns, but it should never be viewed or used as a substitute for appropriate treatment or other assistance—be it medical, psychotherapeutic, legal, financial, or otherwise.

The power of the moment

An Akashic Records consultation is not about predicting the future. You—and every other person—has free will to make choices. The information that comes through your Records is relevant to you in the moment. Energy is like a ripple in a pool. You make a decision or think a thought or take an action, and it sends out ripples. Other people making their decisions, thinking their thoughts, and taking their actions also create ripples. All of those ripples intersect and affect each other, creating new patterns and opening new choices for you and everyone else. An Akashic Records consultation is one way to understand the ripples of the current moment. That said, however, there are patterns you’ve established and trajectories you’ve started that you can choose to continue. Or by your choice you can break those patterns and change those trajectories. It’s up to you.

During a consultation, there may be information or phrasing that comes through which may not seem relevant in the current moment. But later on, as the energy settles and you reach a new understanding or come to a new place of balance, the meaning usually becomes clearer.