The Akashic Records and Maribeth

About the Akashic Records

Everything is energy

The Akashic Records are a dimension of spiritual consciousness that can help you with what you want to know, what you want to let go, and how you want to grow. Understanding the Akashic Records starts with understanding that everything is energy. Your residence, your pet, your relationships, the organizations you belong to or work for, and even your quietest thoughts are energy.

Your soul—that enduring, unending, abiding core of you—also is energy. As your soul moves through space and time, it creates an energetic record. This energetic record is your Akashic Record. An Akashic Records reading is a journey into the long wisdom of your soul to answer your current questions. An Akashic Records reading accesses your unique spiritual energy to help you understand your life from your soul’s perspective.

A very brief history of the Akashic Records

The word Akasha is Sanskrit. (Sanskrit is a root language of many languages in India today.) Akasha has various meanings, including primary substance or a component of creation. Even though the word itself is Sanskrit, the concept of a record of a soul’s journey is universal. In Christianity, for example, this concept is called the Book of Life. Similar concepts appear in the Old Testament, Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as having been expressed among the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

Energy connects without limitation

The Akashic Records are more than information about events and people and things. The Akashic Records allow you to access and explore the wisdom of your soul. Your soul is energy, and because spiritual energy flows and connects without limitations, your soul can connect with the energy of everything—past, present, and potential. The Akashic Records respond uniquely to each person’s desire for personal growth, spiritual expansion, and empathetic understanding. During a consultation, you can ask questions about anything, no matter how large or small. The flow of information you receive during a consultation is based on your questions and is pertinent and specific to you.

Your Akashic Records are yours

Because your Akashic Records are yours, they are yours to access. In fact, you probably do it all of the time but aren’t consciously aware of it. The Akashic Records are an aspect of awareness that is always available. Those zings of intuition, that gut feeling, that sense of “I just know” is your expanded self—your soul’s wisdom—sharing important stuff with the human you.

Besides accessing your own Akashic Records, either intuitively or consciously through learned techniques, having an Akashic Records consultation with someone trained in accessing them is another way to explore the wisdom they offer. The Akashic Records carry no judgement. A person skilled in accessing the Akashic Records acts as a witness and relays without judgment what is fundamental to you, in the moment, from your Akashic Records.

About Maribeth Stephens

About Maribeth Stephens

 For as long as I can remember, I’ve been exploring different paths. My goal always has been to reach my own understanding of spirituality. When I came across the Akashic Records in 2007, my resonance with them was immediate. I, like so many others, respond to the Akashic Records because they uniquely adapt to each person’s individual journey. I find the Akashic Records to be gentle, thought-provoking, and revealing, all in service of offering deeper understanding about relationships, patterns, and spiritual connection. Because the Akashic Records are so meaningful,  a few years ago I embarked on an intensive course of study with Akashic Records teacher Cheryl Marlene, which soon led me to working in them.

Before working in the Akashic Records, I was a professional writer for many years. I worked in radio and television news, hospital public relations and marketing, high-tech marketing communications, and medical writing. I also wrote or helped write three books—on cancer, on diabetes, and for children. The essence of each of these roles was to gather, synthesize, and widely share information. I view working in the Akashic Records as another form of gathering, synthesizing, and sharing information—although now all of this takes place on a personal level, with you.