I’ve loved critters for as long as I can remember, especially dogs. Growing up, our family always had a dog. Early in my married life, my husband and I adopted a dog that stole our hearts, despite her being a diva with an unending need for attention and a penchant for mischief. Each dog I’ve known has usually radiated happiness as it expressed its one-of-a-kind personality. Though I don’t currently have a dog, it’s hard for me to look at a dog and not smile, at least a little bit. It’s easy to understand why because, according to the Akashic Records, dogs are joy guides. 

From the Akashic Records
What is the contract of domesticated dogs with humanity?
Each dog has a specific reason for incarnating, which is unique to that soul. In general, however, the agreement dogs have with humanity is that they act as spirit guides of joy. When a dog and its human(s) become attached, there’s a specific agreement they have together. Part of that agreement is to bring a level of joy its people need. That’s not to say that every single dog is carefree, because each dog, as each human, incarnates to experience something specific. Broadly speaking, the contract between domesticated dogs and humanity is that dogs act as joy guides.

Do dogs and humans plan their experience together in advance?
Each dog, like each person, has its own resonance. Like attracts like, and your current resonance will connect with the resonance of a dog that’s looking for certain experiences in its life. While you and your dog may not make a specific agreement before incarnating to be together, know that you attracted each other based on what you both need and want to experience from each other.

Do different breeds have different contracts in general, like say a poodle versus a lab?
As a soul, each dog makes an agreement to have certain experiences when it incarnates. When a dog incarnates, it also makes the agreement to be a lab, poodle or a Dalmatian, for example, or a mixed breed in order to take on specific behavioral characteristics. But those breed characteristics are only part of the overall experience that the dog wants to have.

When dogs pass away, do they stay attached to their humans? Are they like guardian angels?
Not really. This is because dogs come in for a specific time for their human(s) as well as to have their own experiences. After a dog returns to Spirit, sometimes that dog’s spirit lingers for a short while or it comes and goes for a time to check on its beloved family. But after a dog passes on, its spirit isn’t with you every day like it was when the dog was in the physical world.

The current contract with dogs and humanity is to bring joy. In the future, is that still the same contract? Are there changes coming to that contract?
In the past, humans relied on dogs to work in partnership with them. In the future, dogs and humans will be in much more of a partnership role than they are today. Right now, a lot of dogs—especially in the Western world—are companion animals. But in the coming generations, dogs are going to take on a bigger role of being side-by-side in working partnerships with humans. The partnerships will be both physical and spiritual. In future decades, there’s going to be an even deeper appreciation for dogs on a level that goes beyond what we feel now because we will have to rely on them more.

Are dogs experiencing challenges as a group that humans might be able to help with? Is there something that humanity can do to help dogs in general?
Humans can listen to their own hearts. When you listen to your own heart, you’re going to be better able to hear what your dog needs. The attachment between a dog and its human family is one-of-a-kind. They become uniquely attuned to each other. Of course, if the dog needs attention to treat an illness or prevent a condition it’s important to get it the expert physical care it needs. But if you listen to your own heart you’re going to be better able to connect emotionally with your dog and know even more deeply what it needs.