“A solstice is an opening.” The simplicity of that statement from the Akashic Records surprised me. Because of the rituals and prayers that some use to engage with the spiritual energy of a solstice, I expected a more involved explanation. Yet the energy of solstice, while simple, is nevertheless profound: “…a solstice is simply a moment in time where anyone can walk through into new ideas and new attitudes.” According to the Akashic Records, the energy of Opening is available at all times, and we can access the energy of solstice—Opening—whenever we feel we need it.

From the Akashic Records
Energetically, what is a solstice?
A solstice is an opening. The astronomical events that happen twice a year are like the openings of a door that anyone can walk through. There’s no special attitude, power, ceremony, or thought that’s needed to walk through this door. Solstice is the energy of Opening. Considering this, people create “solstices”—openings—in their own lives all the time.

Sometimes rituals are performed at the summer and winter solstice. Are these rituals needed to access the energy of solstice?
Historically, there’s been a lot of mythology around the summer and winter solstices. That’s not to say these astronomical solstices don’t have their unique identities; they do. But a solstice is simply a moment in time where anyone can walk through into new ideas and new attitudes. As far as ritual, people do what is right for them so that they may feel, sense, or comprehend in their own particular way the energy of Opening.

It’s also important to know that the energy of the astronomical solstice is not like a camera shutter that briefly opens to let light in and then quickly closes tight. The energy of Opening is constant. Just because the astronomical solstice happens on a particular day doesn’t mean the energy of Opening stops when that day ends. People can use the energy of Opening at all times. If there’s a need to create a particular opening in your life, can call on solstice energy. Be quiet for a moment and call on “Solstice, the energy of Opening” and ask for an opening in your life. Again, solstice isn’t only an astronomical event. Solstices are the energy of Opening, and openings happen all the time.

How can a person know if the opening has happened?

Some will be able to feel it. For some, it will be a mental construct that they can see with their mind’s eye. For others, it will be a step of faith that that they’ve called on the energy of solstice to create an opening.

What happens when someone calls on solstice, the energy of Opening?
Calling on solstice, the energy of Opening sends ripples through the person’s energetic system. Those ripples create openings, like little portals, in a person’s energetic system, and then the ripples continue to go outward. Those outward ripples are about the potential of Opening. As the potential of Opening continues its journey, this potential creates the possibility for actual openings to occur.

During the astronomical times of summer and winter solstice, the energy of Opening is a bit stronger but the energy of Opening is present at all times.

Are prayers answered differently when said during the time of solstice?
No, because all prayers are answered when they’re said (note: see the May channeling for more information about the energy of prayer).

However, there may be a slightly stronger sense of opening when you say a prayer during the astronomical time of solstice. A prayer is a sense of opening, and a solstice is a time of opening. When those two are combined, there is a melding. There’s a larger sense of being open that is coupled with a sense of creating a larger opening. You don’t have to wait for the astronomical time of solstice to use the energy of Opening to access the doors in your own life.

Is there anything else to say about solstice at this time?
We want to re-emphasize that solstice is the energy of Opening. Follow your own instincts about ways you open yourself. If after opening yourself you feel like you’re too open energetically, then acknowledge that. Trust your energy system to pull back as it needs to. A person’s energy system is smart; it knows how open to be. It’s a matter of trusting your body, intuition, and sensation and coming to understand how they all work together. It’s a matter of knowing your own flow. As you come to know your own flow, you will be open to more life. Trust yourself to know when you need to step forward; trust yourself to know when you need to step back. The more you trust yourself, the easier it’s going to be to be open to new life and new experience.