Ready for a little magic? It’s around you every day, all the time. This feeling of magic is known as
synchronicity. Synchronicity is when things show up just when you need them, when
a suddenly remembered wisdom applies to your current problem, or when an answer
appears where you least expect it. Synchronicity is as universal to humans as the
law of gravity is to Earth. The Akashic Records explain that while we
can ask for synchronicity to show up, know that it’s likely to come to you in
the most unexpected form. Synchronicity shows up in its own perfect way.

From the Akashic Records
What is synchronicity?
The simplest explanation is that synchronicity is vibrational resonance. You’re always attracting what matches your resonance.

How are synchronicity and the law of attraction related? Are the two in alignment or are they different from each other?
Synchronicity and the law of attraction are in alignment. Synchronicity is all about resonance, and all of us are all bundles of resonance, even if we’re not consciously aware that we are. We attract relationships, people, jobs, and everything else in our lives that help us grow. Our resonance always brings us what we need, whether we consciously know we need it. At the deepest level, the law of attraction works for our highest and best good, even if it doesn’t feel like it when we’re deep in the middle of uncomfortable stuff. The law of attraction always helps us grow.

I’ve heard that you can put a question out to the Universe and look for an answer, like a billboard or a TV show or a song, and the answer will come back within 24 hours. Is that true?
There are many ways that synchronicity can provide answers. So, yes, a billboard or a TV show or a song might be the way you receive an answer to your question. But it’s important to know that you really can’t control how a synchronicity is going to show up. If you become anxious about when and how the synchronous answer is going to show up, then your flow becomes about gripping and clutching for the answer you expect. This causes you to step out of your flow. When you put out a question and ask for an answer, there are no hard and fast rules about how and when that answer shows up. Know, though, that synchronicity is as universal to humans the law of gravity is to Earth.

The trick with synchronicity is to let it work its magic. Synchronicity comes to you—you can’t grab it. That’s not to say that you can’t do dreamwork or ask for an answer to show up within a certain amount of time. Just understand that your synchronicity is unique to you, just as it is unique to everyone else. If you put something out for an answer within 24 hours and the answer comes in 25 hours, does that mean the answer is invalid? No. By getting boxed in to an expectation of how and when synchronicity will appear, you may miss the answer just because it doesn’t look like how you expected it to.

Let’s say I’m having a day when I’m totally out of the flow with myself. How do I get back into the flow?
The quickest way to get back into your flow is to be honest with yourself. If you are picking up warning signs—those metaphorical red lights about a relationship or a job, for example—stop and be honest with yourself. Let’s say you’re considering taking a new job that looks perfect, yet there’s something about the opportunity that feels “off.” When you check in with your body and your emotions, you realize that you don’t want this new job after all. All those metaphorical red lights—a feeling you can’t quite shake, weird scheduling problems or wonky things happening during the interview process—can be a signal to stop, check in with yourself, and be emotionally honest about whether you want this job. Checking in with yourself allows you to relax, and this relaxation creates an opportunity for you to come back into resonance with yourself. When you get out of resonance with yourself, that’s when you start getting red lights—all those real-world hints that you’re out of your own flow.

What happens when you concentrate really hard on finding a synchronicity?
If you’re working too hard on looking for just the right synchronicity to answer your question, then your energy becomes the energy of anxiety. You might still find a synchronicity, but that synchronicity will speak more to your anxiety than to your heart. When you need an answer, remain open to getting it without being anxious. You’ll know exactly when the synchronicity shows up—it’s going to speak to your heart.  

Is there a practice or a way to prepare yourself to open yourself to synchronicity?
Yes. What the Akashic Records say about this is to get to know yourself. There are a lot of different ways to do this. It could be through meditation, or a physical activity like running, or engaging in a hobby you find soothing. As you engage in what clears your mind, the anxieties of the day fall away. You become more in tune with yourself and can better feel your own energy and resonance. The trick with synchronicity is to keep getting to know yourself. As you do, the synchronicities in your life will become more apparent. After all, synchronicities happen around you all the time.

Is it possible that we can mistake a situation for synchronicity when it’s not?
Synchronicity is something you just know. Recognizing synchronicity happens faster than snapping your fingers. There’s a felt sense that comes when a synchronicity shows up.  You don’t have to think about it. Synchronicity comes to you. You don’t go out and reach for synchronicity. Your job is to just be you. Yes, you can ask for a synchronicity to show up. But know that it comes to you in unexpected ways that you don’t have to grasp for. It simply shows up in its own perfect way.