During a recent group channeling on soul paths, the first question was, “What is a soul path?” I could feel myself expecting a long, detailed, complicated “spiritual” answer. What the Akashic Records said, however, was simple: A soul path is whatever a soul wants it to be. The feeling that came with the answer was one of playful humor. During the group channeling, the Akashic Records covered a lot of information and peppered it with examples. But at the heart of it, any soul path is about love and a soul’s desire for expansion.

From the Akashic Records
What is a soul path?
A soul path is whatever a soul wants it to be. When in Spirit, souls are connected to everything. They feel everything that comes from other souls. But when souls take physical form, most forget this connection. This temporary spiritual amnesia sets up an interesting playground for a soul.

Let’s say a soul wants to explore the human concept of betrayal. In one lifetime, the soul chooses to incarnate as a person who is the betrayer. In the next, the soul incarnates as a person who is betrayed. In yet another lifetime, this soul incarnates as a person who witnesses great betrayal. These different aspects of betrayal are experienced by one soul through different lifetimes.

There are as many different soul paths as there are people. Soul paths can explore love, rejection, pain, ecstasy, fame, abandonment, and anything else you can think of. A soul can decide to spend just one lifetime exploring a path, or it can spend lifetimes examining the many variations of that path.

Do people make choices that take them off their soul path?
The thing about soul paths is that you, as a human, don’t consciously have to think about your soul’s path. Before taking physical form, your soul has already set the tone for what it wants to explore during your life. Your soul will continue to guide to you in that exploration as you make choices. Here’s an example. Let’s say several souls want to explore the idea of emotional boundaries. They decide to do this through family relationships. One soul agrees to incarnate as a mother and the other souls as her children. It’s important to remember that humans have free will. During her life, the woman who was to be the mother decides she doesn’t want to have children. When thinking about this decision from the human point of view, it appears this choice has dashed her soul’s path. But it hasn’t. Instead of exploring emotional boundaries as a mother, her soul will guide her to similar emotional boundary issues through other people, like workmates, friends, neighbors, or a spouse. The souls who agreed to take the role of her children can incarnate in families with dynamics close to the initial scenario.

As a human, you don’t have to think or worry about whether a choice you make will take you off your soul path. Your job is to be a human here on earth, which includes the use of your free will. Your soul is going to take care of itself and bring you experiences that will let your soul explore its path.

Does the earth—Gaia—have a soul path? What is it, in the simplest terms?
Yes, the earth has a soul path. In the most basic terms, the earth’s soul path is about change, formation, and re-formation. Gaia’s energy infuses and supports everything on earth. Yet everything on earth has its own path and rate of change. As changes occur, they create an energy of growth, which is returned to the earth. It’s a cycle of exchange: The earth supports change, and when change happens, that energy is returned to the earth to support her soul path.

Was the coronavirus pandemic meant to influence our individual soul paths right now? What about the global perspective?
There are two answers to this because there are two different energetic streams. When looking at humanity’s soul path, something big was always planned for around this time. The changes that are starting now will ultimately benefit humanity. From the highest perspective, the changes we’re all going through will help increase our compassion.

As to how the current pandemic can influence individual soul paths, that depends on the person. This pandemic is shaking some people to their very foundation. It’s not that people don’t understand the importance of being compassionate and connected to others, but this pandemic will serve to show some people the vital importance of interdependence.

Some souls agreed to be here at this time specifically to help anchor a new energy of community. Although things now look negative and unnerving, the ultimate trajectory is positive. But it’s going to take a while. Almost everything will emerge from this pandemic changed. We are at the beginning of deeper changes that will, in the long run, be beneficial for all of humanity. It will take generations and even more changes before the deepest and most beneficial changes become firmly rooted.