It’s my privilege to be part of Three Moon Collective. Established in 2018, this is a vibrant online community that, as its website notes, “is a resource for curious wellness seekers and the intuitive, heart-centered providers who support them.” The Collective’s passion for inclusivity and well-being is evident in the many workshops it hosts, including the ongoing series, Seeking Simple. Three Moon Collective founder Hannah Exner explores a new topic each month by doing weekly interviews with different practitioners. In May 2021 the topic was boundaries. It was my distinct pleasure to be Hannah’s guest on the May 12 edition. As part of our discussion, I opened the Akashic Records of human personal boundaries. Hannah’s wide-ranging questions included whether the Akashic Records offered specific information related to individual boundaries as we emerge from the changes of 2020. As always, the Akashic Records furnished thoughtful, gentle insights.
(Editor’s note: The text below is a written blog based on the recorded Seeking Simple interview, edited here for grammar, brevity and clarity.)

From the Akashic Records
What do we need to know in this collective moment about boundaries?
The Akashic Records say that in the collective experience, there has been a lot of work and understanding when it comes to boundaries. This is all valuable. Yet, understanding boundaries is much easier than most people think. Setting a boundary depends on listening to yourself, but setting a boundary can feel difficult because people often listen to voices other than their own. People can get lost when they listen the voices of others.

The truest root of your boundaries lies with listening to yourself. Listening to what you want will take you far. Know, though, that setting your boundaries is not always going to be comfortable. This is especially true if you’re not used to setting boundaries. The encouragement from the Akashic Records—it’s very loving and supportive encouragement—is to keep practicing setting boundaries, because boundary setting is a practice.

If you’re not used to setting boundaries, the Akashic Records offers an analogy. Let’s say you want to play the piano. How can you play a piano without being taught? If you don’t know how to play the piano, you can find someone to teach you. Similarly, how can you start setting boundaries if you don’t know how? If you don’t know how to set boundaries, therapists, support groups, or friends who are well-practiced with boundaries can help you learn. If you fumble and hit the wrong note in setting a boundary as you’re learning, the person you’re working with can offer support and guidance.

As things will be opening up more as more people get vaccinated, what do the Akashic Records have to say about how we approach summer and keeping ourselves centered, grounded, and not burned out?
Presently, there’s an energy of just wanting to go out and explore life in the world again. And as many of us go out to explore, there’s a general feeling of excitement, like the popping of confetti. The thing with confetti, though, is you don’t know where it’s going to land. Everyone will be in different phases of coming out of our collective hibernation. So, when going out to explore, understand that others around you may not be ready to engage at your level of exploration. This doesn’t mean they’re wrong. This also doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Be open to giving a little space to each other as we make this transition together.

What advice do the Akashic Records have for the way we tend to ourselves and our boundaries as we reintegrate?
The biggest thing is to be tender. The Akashic Records show a bunch of new shoots emerging from fertile soil. There are new seeds we’ve planted, both in ourselves and collectively. A seedling is tender when it emerges. As we are all coming together again, be tender with yourself and others. This tenderness allows you to foster new awareness and understanding.

I love the idea of the fertile ground that we’ve created. It does feel like there’s so much more understanding and less pressure to commit to so many different things because of the collective trauma.
What the Akashic Records are saying is that if we don’t tend to our new growth as individuals, there’s the risk of going back to where we were collectively—not listening to each other. If enough of us don’t tend to our new growth, then the collective seedlings will have a hard time flourishing. Connecting with others at this time helps nourish the collective root; but to nourish the collective root we need to remember to nourish ourselves.

That’s such a good message: The image of tending to this fertile ground and giving the seedlings a chance to really root. Do the Akashic Records have anything else for us to know right now?
There’s a feeling of rocketing forward. This hibernation has accelerated what was bubbling under the surface, both personally and collectively. This hibernation has just sped us forward in being able to make some changes. But, as we move forward, we also need to be tender and mindful of the new growth.

Special thanks to Hannah Exner, founder of Three Moon Collective, for posing these questions to the Akashic Records.