For most of my life I’ve fancied myself as a dog person. Then I met neighbor kitty. She lives nearby and is well cared-for by her people. Neighbor kitty also has built a wide circle of human friends she calls on regularly. My husband and I are utterly charmed by this cat. Sometimes as I sit on the kitchen stoop petting her, it seems like she wants to communicate something to me. As I’ve studied animal communication with Neave Karger of Heartsong Communication in recent months, I’ve learned that animals communicate with us in many ways. With this curiosity as a guidepost, I decided to open the Akashic Records of domesticated cats and invite Neave to pose the questions. While each cat, of course, has its own personality and individual reasons and agreements for incarnating, the Akashic Records offer insight into the broad energetic nature of cats. This is the first of a two-part Akashic Records channeling about domesticated cats.

From the Akashic Records
What is the contract domesticated cats have with us humans?
The overarching contract domesticated cats have with us is to remind us that we are always connected to Spirit, even if we don’t remember or feel that connection. Cats know they are both physical and Spirit in equal measure. Cats remind us to appreciate the physical, because a physical being is a spiritual being. A cat never loses the thread of connection to Spirit even though it’s in a body.

What do we bring to the relationship for cats? Are cats in it just for the food?
Cats are in relationship with people for much more than food, although it’s true that some cats are very food motivated. It can be tough for us to tune into the level of Spirit that cats tune into. This is because we are so grounded to the earth, whereas cats can phase into a lighter spiritual vibration. Cats are so attuned to Spirit that, in a way, they can phase out of their body; there are times when a cat can be more aware of its spiritual energy than of its physical nature. It’s easier for cats to remain present in their bodies when they are around people. We help them ground.

As an animal communicator, sometimes my work is to clarify that our companion animals are sacred animals. What do the Akashic Records of domesticated cats have to say about people who treat cats as babies instead of as sacred animals?
Cats generally don’t like being treated as babies. Some cats decide to tolerate it, but overall they don’t like it. Cats know they are whole, distinct, and separate energetic beings, and they recognize their people as whole, distinct, and separate energetic beings. Cats like to engage with their people on this level. Some cats tolerate being treated like a child because they know this level of connection is filling an emotional need for its person. Cats, though, would prefer not to be viewed as or treated like a baby.

Some cats are purely indoor cats. Do these indoor cats have a different contract than other cats?
A big part of the contract for domesticated cats is for them to experience themselves as a body as much as a Spirit. Where that plays out—indoors or outdoors—depends on the family situation. The Akashic Records of domesticated cats say that cats do prefer to be outside at least some of the time, but individual cats agree to be solely indoor cats when their people need that. This can be to keep the cat safe in a city environment, for example, or for other reasons.

Is declawing super painful?
Declawing is painful. A big issue, though, is that declawing creates a lot of confusion for a cat. When a cat loses its claws, it’s losing one of its most significant means of communication. The Akashic Records give this analogy: Declawing for a cat is like removing the tongue for a human. Cats use their claws to communicate. They use their claws to communicate with the earth. Their claws are like little antennas that pull up earth energy, which they then use to ground themselves. Cats also use their claws to connect with and understand their people. When you’re holding a cat in your lap and its paws start kneading—or making biscuits, as it’s sometimes called—the cat is connecting to your bodily energy.

So, when they’re making biscuits, that’s just comfort for them?
Yes, they take comfort in that. They’re also reading your physical energy. Cats read spiritual energy, and of course they know and recognize you as Spirit. By gently kneading you with its paws and claws, a cat can connect with your distinct physical resonance, which is different from everyone else’s.

When cats are scratching a lot, like scratching bed posts or other furniture, are they doing anything specific?
Part of its scratching is just an expression of the physical nature of being a cat. The other part is that they’re using their claws to get grounded. If they can’t get outside to feel the earth and get their claws into something where they can stretch the full length of their body, they’re going to find a place to do that inside. When cats use furniture and carpet as scratching posts, often they are trying to get grounded. (Note from Maribeth: While this channeling touches on the general energies of why a cat may be clawing and scratching, each cat is as unique and any challenging situation that it’s having with its people should be addressed individually.)

Sometimes it seems that cats can be hyperfocused on what’s in front of them, yet they also seem to be reading the subtle energy of what’s around them. Do they have multiple “antennas”?
They don’t have multiple antennas; it’s more like they are attuned to different frequencies. While they can be fully focused on a toy or bug in front of them, they are just as aware of the energy that’s surrounding them. We have an energetic body that surrounds us, just as cats do. Most of the time, though, we aren’t as tuned into our energy field as cats are, and cats never forget that they have an energy field. Cats have a pretty large energy field that they remain conscious of even while they are hyperfocused on what’s right in front of them.

The Akashic Records conversation on domesticated cats continues next month. In April, we’ll talk about feral cats and also whether a cat can come back to its person after it has passed on.