Last month, our Akashic conversation touched on the overarching contract that domesticated cats have with us humans, as well as answering some specific questions about some of the ways cats live with their families. In this second and final Akashic Records channeling on domesticated cats we delve into how a cat can communicate with its person, ways of comforting a cat when it’s picking up on general angst in the environment, and whether a beloved cat that’s passed on can come back to its person. Many thanks to friend and colleague Neave Karger of Heartsong Communication for posing these questions to the Akashic Records about the energy of domesticated cats.

From the Akashic Records
Do people read cat cues?
Yes, but how well they do so depends on the person. If your cat is staring at you, it’s probably trying to tell you something. If it keeps looking at you while twitching its ears and tail, it’s trying to communicate with you. The way to find out is to simply ask, “What do you want?” Trust the first answer that comes. Your cat’s answer could be, “I don’t like my food” or “I want to go outside” or “I hate the new litter in my box.” It could just as easily be, “I love you.” Animals communicate really fast. All you have to do is ask and trust the first answer that comes. (Note from Maribeth: The impression will come to you in the way that you need to receive it. It could be as words, a picture, an emotion, or a sense of knowing.)

Are cats experiencing challenges as a group that we can help with?
Yes, cats are experiencing some challenges. There’s so much angst in the world right now that they’re picking it up collectively through the earth. Humans are channeling a lot of their worries into the earth right now. That’s okay because the earth can handle it. But cats are picking up on that anxiety. So, comfort your cat. Acknowledge that there’s turmoil in the world right now. If you’re feeling upset, acknowledge that as well. You can say something like, “There’s a lot that’s happening in the world now. It’s confusing. I’m feeling confused and upset, too. Let’s take comfort in being together.” By holding and stroking the cat and acknowledging your feelings, both you and the cat will draw comfort.

As an animal communicator, what I teach and what I understand is that animals like is coherence: the same outside as inside. The animals have always shown me that they’re aware of undercurrents of anxiety. If a person can acknowledge that, it builds trust within the animal.
Yes, the Akashic Records confirm this. If you’re feeling anxious about stuff that’s happening, just acknowledge that as you are snuggling with your cat. You can say that you don’t quite understand everything that’s going on, but you feel a little anxious about it. That undercurrent of anxiety you’re feeling will then make much more sense to your cat. (Note from Maribeth: You can do this with your other animals too.) You don’t have to have the answers, or even know how things will turn out. Just state there are things in the bigger world that are causing you and others discomfort. You can comfort your cat by saying something like, “I’m okay. I don’t have the answers and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but in this moment, we’re both okay.

Do feral cats have a different contract than those cats who live with people?
No, they don’t have a different spiritual contract. Cats are always aware that they’re connected to Spirit. Feral cats are simply having a different experience than cats that live with people. Feral cats are not any less whole, embodied, or spiritual than a domesticated cat. Although the feral cats we see in towns and cities come from the line of domesticated cats, they have a much stronger energy of—and connection to—being wild. And while they are aware of humans, feral cats feel a stronger connection to other feral cats. Even solitary feral cats feel more connection to cats living in feral colonies than they do to any nearby humans. A lot of feral cats don’t want to be connected to humans. Some can decide to become connected to a person or family, but if you’re trying to turn a feral cat into a house cat and it’s not responding to you, respect that. Most often feral cats want to remain solidly connected with other feral cats.

When a cat crosses over, can it come back to its person as another cat?
Yes. But both cat and its person have to make this spiritual agreement together. The cat will agree to come back to its person only if doing so won’t stunt its growth as a spirit. This is where the hard, sad work of letting go comes in. It’s so hard for us when one of our beloved animal companions dies. Being able to let go and deeply feel the grief is what eventually leads to acceptance of the loss. This acceptance frees both the person and the cat to continue on their paths of growth. Whether that cat’s spirit returns to its person as another cat does, however, rest with the cat, no matter how much the person wants it.

When a cat crosses over, can it choose to be a completely different animal?
Yes, it can choose to be anything it wants. That’s because cats—like humans and all other beings—are spiritual energy, and spiritual energy has infinite expression.

Special thanks to animal communicator Neave Karger of Heartsong Communication for posing these questions to the Akashic Records about domesticated cats.