The world of crystals is a bit of a mystery to me. There are a lot of books and a lot of people with deep knowledge of the physical make-up and energetic properties of crystals. Despite such readily available information, my usual unsophisticated method of picking a crystal is “I like how it feels in my hand” or “this one will look great on my bookcase.”  Turns out there’s no right or wrong way to pick a crystal. According to the information from a recent group Akashic Records channeling, each crystal has its own song, and the one you select is singing specifically to you.

From the Akashic Records
What is the relationship of the crystal kingdom to Gaia and to humanity?
Crystals are embodied intention from Gaia. Crystals are gifts of Gaia’s energy that you can touch. They are a reminder that when you work with crystals, you tap into Gaia’s energy.  

Think of an orchestra. When you hear an orchestra, the easiest thing to hear is the melody. Beneath the melody, though, are deeper notes that aren’t as easy to distinguish. Yet if those deeper notes were gone, something vital would be missing. This is like the energy that Gaia shares with crystals. When you tap into a crystal’s energy, the crystal communicates with Gaia on a deep level. Gaia shares some of her energy with the crystal, which the crystal then passes to you. It’s this wonderful cycle between you, your crystal, and Gaia. When you’re working with crystals, you’re not only tapping into the melody of the crystal, you’re also tapping into those deep notes of Gaia.

To carry the metaphor a little bit further, each individual crystal has its own vibration. If you’re in a crystal shop and you feel drawn to the rose quartz display, you’re attuned to the signature
melody of the rose quartz. Then when you’re drawn to an individual piece of rose quartz, you’re responding to the specific high notes of that piece.

When you resonate with a crystal, you’re resonating with three energetic layers: the deep notes of Gaia, the melody of crystal type, and the individual notes of the crystal piece.

Do specific crystals have specific properties?
Yes. You can think of those properties as the melodies. Some crystals can help you connect to certain chakras, enhance communication, or promote a feeling of calm, for example. But that doesn’t mean you are prevented from using a specific crystal in other ways. If you’re drawn to a crystal that’s supposed to enhance clarity but you feel it will help you be more grounded, use it that way. Your crystal works with you to support your specific need.

What do the Akashic Records say about purifying crystals?
There are a lot of different ways of cleaning crystals of the energies that they may have absorbed.  What the Akashic Records want to share, though, is that crystals really like being outside. Just leave them outside for however long you intuitively feel they need to be outside, whether a few minutes or a few hours. For the crystals, being outside recharges their connection with Gaia. The crystals never lose their Gaian connection, but getting them outside every once in a while tunes up that Gaian resonance.

What is the optimal way to interact with a crystal?
There’s no one single answer. Just know that how you interact with your crystal—whether it’s holding in your hand, stuffing it into your pocket, admiring it on your desk, or using it in a crystal arrangement—is right for you and right for it. This is because the energy of each person forms its own way of interacting with individual crystals.

Is there something the crystal kingdom wants us to know about being in turbulent times?
The crystal energy around the earth is very protective and loving. In times of turbulence, it’s like the entire crystal kingdom turns up the volume of its love so it can keep sharing its resonance with
Gaia’s purity of intention and love.