Generation Z—people born from 1997 to 2012—is the final Akashic Records channeling on the generations. The Records suggest that Generation Z has a strong potential for breaking down the most stubborn barriers. This generation could create a world of “us” rather than “us versus them.” The previous three generations—the Baby Boomers, the Gen-Xers, and the Millennials—have energetically contributed to this goal. But according to the Records, it’s Generation Z that has the strongest chance of bringing it into being.

From the Akashic Records
What do the Akashic Records say about the purpose of Generation Z?
Those in Generation Z are the ones who can take us in a whole new direction. The metaphorical house that the previous three generations have been building is currently working for Generation Z. Yet, there’s a general dissatisfaction with it. This Generation will live in this metaphorical house for a while as they create something new. It was always meant to be this way. This generation is all about taking areas like spirituality, technology, and health further than the previous generations could have conceived. These areas and others have been like a tangled ball for the last several generations, going back even before the Baby Boom generation. Generation Z, as a generation and also as individuals within this generation, will do a lot of untangling.

What are those in Generation Z doing with this metaphorical, energetic house that humanity has been building for the last several generations?
They are taking down the walls to make everything more inclusive and expansive. Even though the previous three generations have built upon each other’s progress to expand inclusivity, it’s like the energy of Generation Z is saying, “Yeah, these walls that we’ve been given are a little small. Let’s take them down to be more open to everyone and everything.” They’ll be taking down the walls because a lot of judgments have been inadvertently built into the walls. Generation Z is going to do a lot to knock down those walls, thus allowing what they build to be more inclusive.

What challenges will Generation Z face?
There’s the potential that some people in power will become entrenched and work hard to keep their power. This could be done by creating beliefs about “us” versus “them.” But since the underlying energy of Generation Z is to be inclusive, this inclusiveness can feel threatening to those who want to keep power and could mean the powerful will clamp down very hard to try to keep their power.

Since Generation Z is so open, will there still be international borders? Will they change international relations?
There will still be borders. And because there may be certain leaders who want to expand their power, there’s a potential for conflict. But this sense of conflict is coming from the old power base. So, while there’s a potential for the powerful trying to clamp down and create “us” against “them” scenarios, it’s not fully written yet how this will play out.

Even though there will continue to be national borders, there’s going to be much more flow across the borders. And the strength of Generation Z is that they can see and understand that whoever is considered “them” is really “us.” Generation Z will not accept “it’s us against them.” And when Generation Z rejects the “us versus them” messages, the people who are trying to keep their power will begin to lose it, thereby opening the door to more egalitarianism.

Is there anything else that Generation Z can accomplish or set as the foundation for future generations?
Generation Z has a lot of understanding about how power works and how large groups of people can take power back for the good of everyone. The generations that follow Generation Z will be able to apply that knowledge in new ways that will promote the health of people, cities, and nations. There will still be nations, but borders will become more fluid. This is because people will flow across borders more freely. There’s also the strong potential that just about everyone will be working together to make a healthier world. The potential is that after Generation Z there will be many challenges around basic resources like water. But the generations after Generation Z will have more experience than we do now about working together for the good of everyone.

What else do the Records want us to know about Generation Z?
This generation carries more hope than fear. The strongest potential right now is that Generation Z will come together and not allow divisive power structures to remain. The things that we see crumbling currently are going to be rebuilt by Generation Z in a much more egalitarian way. They’re taking the lessons that the previous three generations have been trying to learn about love, acceptance, and equality and are working to break down some of the most resistant walls that have prevented achieving those ideals. Even if the old guard attempts to create divisions, Generation Z has the energy to put into practice what the previous generations have only talked about.