The Akashic Records have a lot to say about intuition. One of the most important messages that came through during a recent channeling on intuition is that we’re all intuitive, whether or not we know it. Another point the Records made is that while we can use our intuition to connect to the flows of energies outside of us, the most important thing to know about intuition is that its biggest job is to connect you to your own heart.

From the Akashic Records
What is intuition?
Intuition is your unique connection to the flow of Life. There will never be anybody else like you anywhere. Ever. There can’t be. This is because you’re the result of your unique spirit as well as your human body, family, training, experiences, culture, choices, education, and physical health. Your current self is a product of everything you’ve experienced, thought, and been exposed to; this will never happen again to anyone else in the same way it’s happened to you. Your spiritual self and your human self make up your unique flow of Life. Your intuition is how you connect to the unique flow of Life that’s within you. Your intuition is how you connect to your heart.

Does everyone have intuition?
Yes, every person is born with intuition. The Akashic Records want to plainly state that there’s nothing magical about intuition. Intuition runs through every part of being a human being. Sometimes, though, the understanding that intuition brings can feel like magic. Some people may consider intuition as a special gift. This is because the knowing that intuition can bring may feel like a magical bolt from the blue. Know, though, that these bolts of understanding come from your heart and its unique connection to the flow of Life. The Akashic Records also want to share that just because some people have a more conscious connection to their intuition doesn’t make them somehow more spiritual, special, or gifted than someone who is less consciously aware of their inborn intuition. We all have intuition and we all experience it in different ways and at different times.

Why does intuition appear to be stronger in some people than it does in others?
We all are born with the ability to sense things around us. Think of radio transmissions. Radio towers send signals and radio receivers take in signals, sorting them out so they can be understood. We, and everything around us, are both sending and receiving signals; each of us is a radio tower and a radio receiver.

When babies are born, their ability to pick up on the energetic signals all around them is strong. Some children keep this ability for their entire lives. Others make the conscious or unconscious decision to tamp down the signals they’re receiving. Some of these children may tamp down the signals for the rest of their lives, or at some point they may turn up their ability to engage with the signals again. None of these scenarios is better or worse. It’s just the way people progress through their lives.

What does the heart have to do with intuition?
The heart has everything to do with intuition. Connecting to your heart is connecting to your intuition. How you connect to the core of you—your heart—is different for everyone. Generally speaking, though, revelations of the heart happen when the static of the mind is tuned out. This falling away of everything else can create a channel for you to know the unique flow of Life that’s within you.

One way to tune out the mind’s static is through focused absorption. For some, this focused absorption happens by sitting quietly, as in meditation. For others, tuning out the mind’s static occurs when focusing on a physical activity, like yoga or running. Still others find that walking in nature, being around animals, or even taking a relaxing bubble bath tunes out the mind’s static. The method of tuning out the mind’s static doesn’t matter. It’s going to be different for each person, and it’s going to be different at different times in life. The point is that whatever tunes out the mind’s static has the potential to connect you back to your heart and the unique flow of Life within you.

How do I know that I’ve become in tune with my intuitive self?
Your sense of “knowing” gets stronger as you trust the information more and more. Intuition also sets up a resonance in the body so that when you have an intuitive hit, it’s like your entire being relaxes. Even if your intuition is finely tuned, you still get to live a very human life with all its messy, joyful, and abundant complexity. You still have choices to make, some of them undoubtedly difficult. What intuition does, though, is let you know what your heart wants.