What is a lightworker? Whether or not someone is aware of it on a human level, on a soul level lightworkers are here to stream love. They do this no matter who or where they are. According to the Akashic Records, lightworkers are in all walks of life. Lightworkers are everywhere and do all kinds of jobs, not just working with energy or engaging in the healing arts. There are many, many lightworkers who don’t know they’re lightworkers and who have never heard of the term “lightworker.”

From the Akashic Records
What is the most important action for lightworkers right now?
The answer is simple, but it carries profound consequences. The most important action lightworkers can take right now is to love themselves unconditionally.

The Akashic Records offer two visual metaphors to further illustrate their answer. The first image is of a globe with little pushpins all over the earth, each one lit up. Light is streaming from those pushpins—the lightworkers—into the earth. And this light not only streams into the earth, it also lights the space around it, like a little lamp.

And here’s the second metaphor. Think of the glow of a battery-powered lamp. When the batteries begin to weaken, the glow dims. For lightworkers, self-love keeps the batteries fueled. Keeping your “self” fueled allows your light to keep shining. You don’t know how your light will affect another. You could be a grocery store clerk and smile at someone, which lifts their spirits. Perhaps this lifting of spirits allows a tiny opening for this person to be gentler on themselves and subsequently someone else, even if just for a moment.

It’s important to understand that being a lightworker doesn’t always mean you’re constantly happy or that life is tranquil. Lightworkers are human. Period. And humans get cranky, feel lots of big emotions, navigate complicated situations, figure out how to take care of themselves and others, and deal with fear. In other words, being a lightworker doesn’t mean your human life will be filled with ease.

How can we and/or how do we support mother earth, Gaia, as lightworkers?
Gaia supports humanity and all of life, and all of life supports Gaia. It’s a circle. Lightworkers support Gaia just by being who they are. This is because whether or not a lightworker can feel it, they’re always streaming light and love. Simply by being, lightworkers give Gaia love. Yet there are things each of us can do to support the earth. These are straightforward actions, like using less pesticide in the garden, using less fossil fuel, and buying less plastic when possible. These and similar actions collectively lead to less pollution in the physical world. But on an energetic level, such seemingly small individual acts let Gaia know that we value her and the life energy she provides. Even the smallest choice to support the earth sends an energetic ripple to Gaia. These ripples tell Gaia that we are aware of her and we’re making a choice to support her energy, just as her energy supports us.

Is there something we need to know to understand the consciousness of duality? The light and the dark? The fear and the love?
When a spirit decides to incarnate as a human, it agrees to play with duality because duality is both part of earth and part of being human: light/dark, night/day, self/other.

Both light and dark are valuable. When the light is turned on, you realize that what you were afraid of in the dark is often nothing but shadows in your mind. Lightworkers are not immune to fear, because fear is very much a part of being human. Some batteries are dim right now because so much fear is being released. We neglect to—or are still learning how to—process fear and let it go.

Lightworkers, especially right now, are supporting and holding space for so many. Is there any specific call to action during this period?
The records offer another metaphor, which is to energetically hold each other’s hands. Although so many people are doing everything they can to keep their own batteries charged, there’s a lot of heaviness now because there’s a lot of karmic release. There’s a lot of deep fear—culturally, collectively, personally—that’s coming to the surface. It’s a tough time for everyone.

If your batteries are drained, connecting with others who recharge you helps re-center you. For example, noticing a neighbor who shares love and demonstrates healthy mothering to her children can uplift you. Working with a teacher, counselor, or therapist can alleviate anxiety and leave you feeling emotionally clearer. Sharing friendly jokes and silliness with family can lighten your mood. Being connected to others who uplift you is an energetic way of holding of hands. In so doing, you share in a chain of light that circles the globe.