Romance, soul mates, self-love. These are just a couple of the many themes that emerged during a recent live group channeling on the energy of Love. One of the comforting messages from this channeling is that we don’t have to look very hard or far to find our soul mates. Yes, the plural, soul mates. Soul mates come in and out of our lives all the time. And, a soul mate doesn’t always arrive in the form of a romantic relationship. According to the Akashic Records, “A soul mate can be with you for your entire life or for a short time. The point of soul mates is that two souls have agreed to come together to enable each other to grow.”

From the Akashic Records
Are people supposed to be married?
It depends on what the soul wants to experience. On a broad scale and timeline, perhaps a soul is examining the duality of hurt and acceptance. In one incarnation, this soul explored deep hurt caused by rejection. In another incarnation, this soul wanted to understand the opposite of rejection, which is acceptance. There are lots of ways to do that, and one way is exploring acceptance though a long-term marriage.

There are so many things that people, and thus their souls, explore through relationships. The answer to the question about whether people are “supposed” to be married depends on the individual. If someone feels they don’t need to be married, then that’s their answer. If someone feels marriage is one of the best ways to meet their needs—that is, through a commitment within the legal, social, and emotional bonds and boundaries that comes with marriage—then that’s their answer.

What is the difference between twin flames and soul mates?
The idea behind a twin flame and a soul mate is essentially the same: There’s one perfect mate out there. Unfortunately, this belief puts a lot of pressure on romantic relationships. The truth about love is that it’s incredibly expansive. As people grow and develop both emotionally and spiritually, the heart opens and expands. As it expands, it understands that love counts no matter where you find it. This understanding begins to release the pressure of finding love with the one, true, and perfect romantic soul mate. In fact, a soul mate doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. A best friend can be one of your soul mates, even though romance isn’t involved.

Can you have more than one soul mate?
Yes, you can have a lot of different soul mates. Soul mates come in and out of your life, more frequently than you’d expect. A soul mate can be with you for your entire life or for a short time. The point of soul mates is that two souls have agreed to come together to enable each other to grow. When that agreement has been completed, the soul mates can either stay together or go their separate ways. Energetically, the point of a soul mate agreement is to benefit one other. Because growth can come by working through difficult situations or uncomfortable emotions, it’s important to realize that not all soul mate relationships are easy and comfortable. As humans, some of our most important growth comes from first understanding and then healing the wounds caused by others, whether those hurts have come from a boss, parent, child, sibling, friend, or romantic partner.

For most people, as humans, are we on a journey to find self-love? Isn’t that the point in life, to come back to yourself?
Each of our souls has different reasons for being on Earth. For some, it’s to lose and then recover self-love in order to experience the satisfaction and appreciation of their unique self. For others, their path doesn’t involve losing self-love; discovering self-love may not be the sole reason their soul is here. At the core of all of us, as souls and as humans, is love and the expression of love. This love can take the form of learning the value of self-love. It can also take many other forms, such as engaging in scientific research that will benefit and change the lives of others, or lifting the moods of others by showing kindness and patience in everyday situations. A soul’s reason for being on Earth is so individual. And this is important to remember: No one’s journey is lesser or greater than another’s. A person may be doing what others think of as mundane or simple work that doesn’t have a big impact on a lot of people. But the person doing the so-called simple job can be deeply gifted at lifting the spirits of other people. That’s powerful. That’s love.

Could someone decide to come here to experience the lack of love?
On the human scale, yes, it may appear that someone could live a life without the experience of giving or receiving much love. The soul, however, may be exploring love by trying to understand its opposite. In this case, we see only the human side of what’s going on, which we interpret as a lack of love. Seen from the vantage point of the soul, it’s impossible not to experience love. This is because our souls are made of love. Everything in the Universe is made of love. The Universe itself is love. Even if a person appears to have very little love in life, there’s always something that brings them joy, whether it’s picking flowers, appreciating a sunset, or connecting with an animal. That brings them joy, and joy is love.