Like so many others, I watched in disbelief as fire burned through Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral. How could something so solid, so ever-present, so symbolic be burning? Years ago, I stood in that cathedral with my husband. I particularly remember looking up at the vaulted ceiling and being awed by its symmetry and beauty. It was a wonder that what looked so graceful and delicate supported tons of stone. But underlying that awed appreciation was a deeper sense of marvel: It was individual people who worked for decades to cut and lay the stone, carve the statues, and craft the kaleidoscope of stained glass. On the day of the fire, I teared up with sadness. The next morning, when I heard the fire was out and most of the structure was spared, I teared up with relief. I then got curious about what the Records had to say about the fire. This channeling is from April 16, 2019, the day after the fire. This is the view of the blaze through the lens of the Akashic Records of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

From the Akashic Records
Is there a symbolic reason for the fire?
Yes, it’s burning away what was and what no longer serves. The cathedral itself is a symbol of the old and what went before. What went before is an old custom, an old tradition. And these old customs and traditions are being burned way. Old ideologies are being changed now, and this fire is a way to make literal the transformation that is needed.

What is that transformation?
It’s the transformation of what are “ideas of the mind” into what is truly in the heart. And what is happening, even though it may not look like it, is connection. People are looking for ways to connect. There are a lot of individuals—and even institutions—who want to remain in power. One way they do that is to create divisiveness. It’s the idea of, “My group is stronger than your group. My group will rise up and keep your group down.” Whereas in reality, humans are very tired of it. They are yearning for true connection.

The burning of this cathedral, in particular, is a symbol in the world of what is happening. The old ideas are burning away in order for new ideas to take root. Think of a forest fire. After the fire is out, it looks like total destruction. But in time, new growth starts. It’s at first small; a few seedlings pop up. Over time the new growth matures and becomes strong. But that new growth couldn’t have happened without the old growth being removed first.

Is there any particular idea that this cathedral specifically represents as to what is being transformed?
Yes. What’s being transformed is the old need for hierarchy. The idea of hierarchy is based on the idea of separation. The notion that you need outside authorities in order to connect to Spirit is one of the old ideas that’s being burned away. For this structure, there will be a lot of rebuilding that goes on and there will be a lot of people who contribute monetarily. But even more will contribute energetically. That is the purpose of this seemingly tragic event. It’s to help people connect to a symbol so that they can connect to each other. This building will be rebuilt, but it will have a new energy. As a symbol it will go on; but energetically, it’s the symbol of a new connection. The connection to rebuild is based on love. And that’s the change that’s going on in the world, as messy and seemingly fearful as it is. Connections that used to be fear-based are turning into genuine heart connections. You’ll see this new connection play out in a very tangible way as the cathedral is rebuilt.