One of my favorite things is to walk in the forest. Living in the Pacific Northwest affords me ample opportunity to pull on my hiking boots and just go. For me, it’s not only getting outside to play that’s so appealing. I’ve often felt more centered, calmer, and more able to get in touch with whatever needs to be gotten in touch with when I’m around big trees. Given the information from this Akashic Records channeling, now I know one of the reasons why.

From the Akashic Records
What is the purpose of trees on Gaia (earth)?
Trees have incredible knowledge. Energetically, they’re wisdom-keepers of the earth; they hold the memory of the earth. As humans and animals have genetically and physically changed, the trees that were around witnessed those changes. As those trees died, they then energetically passed on that knowledge to the next generation of trees. As humans, animals, and the earth have changed, the trees have stood witness to all of this. The trees currently living on the earth now, while they’re not a direct witness to everything that went before in terms of humans and all life, they have in their recesses the history of this knowledge. They are wisdom-keepers and witnesses of what went before.

The reason people generally feel calmer around trees is because those trees are sending their knowledge of long history. They have a lot of collective knowledge. It’s calming be among them because they know that whatever is happening now is just part of a much longer cycle.

Is there a way for humans to access that wisdom?
When you as a human physically touch a tree, you won’t get a big download of historical earth knowledge. Some might, but these are exceptionally rare individuals. If you sit under a tree or sit with your back against a tree, that activity is very calming. What’s happening is that the tree is sharing its understanding of long wisdom. The calmness that someone feels when sitting under a tree is the tree energetically sharing its knowledge of cycles. It’s like the tree is sharing its knowledge that whatever is going on now is going to pass and everything will be okay. When you walk among the trees, like on a forest path, you’re actually picking up the energy of the trees as you walk. The trees also know that you’re there. If you’re in a hiking group of five or six people, for example, the trees can feel the distinct energies of each person in the group as it passes.

For trees in a yard, do individual trees develop individual relationships with the people who own the property?
Yes, they do. Even though a cherry, pine, or maple tree in a person’s yard carries the communicated knowledge of all trees as well as its own energetic history, the individual tree does develop a unique relationship with a household. There’s a saying that when a person picks a dog from the shelter or from a litter the dog actually picks the person. The same thing happens when a tree is purchased from a garden nursery. When a person goes to a nursery to pick out a tree, the tree is actually picking out the person as much as the person is picking out the tree. It starts their relationship.

When someone moves into a house and there’s an established tree on the property, the tree will adjust its energy to interact in the way the householders need. Trees are very calming to humans. Some people need more calming than others. An individual tree is able to access the different levels of wisdom so it can share the different levels of calming or the innate nature wisdom, historical wisdom, or wisdom of cycles that the people in the home need.

When trees first came to the planet, what was their original intent? Was it to be wisdom-keepers for us humans or was it for Gaia as a whole?
Yes, they do it for Gaia as a whole. Their intent was to be wisdom-keepers because Gaia’s intent, as seen through the Akashic Records of the trees, is long. The energies that came in and manifested as trees planted their roots down into the earth of Gaia. They’re pulling up the wisdom of Gaia. They’re also witnessing that which is on the surface of the earth. They’re keeping all of that knowledge. Indeed, they did intend to become wisdom-keepers for the earth.

Do trees have a message for humanity?
Their wisdom is long. Because they have such a long history they understand cycles. If things change at the surface of the earth, they know that whatever happening now is just part of a cycle. They know that should one cycle end, another always begins.