After I did the June 2019 channeling on the energy of solstice, I got curious about equinoxes. When I opened the records of equinox, the immediate image was of a flat, level field ready for planting. The feeling was that although the field was bare, it wasn’t barren. And that turned out to be the perfect metaphor for the energy of equinox.

From the Akashic Records
What influence does an equinox have on humanity?
At any time of year you can plant ideas, goals, or hopes within yourself, or you can work in the world to establish new ideals or projects. But during the time of the equinox, what you plant will have a greater chance of taking root—whether it’s within yourself or out in the world. The time of equinox is a time of leveling and balancing. Equinox—which is the time of making a level playing field for all—is a time when anyone’s ideas have a more equal chance of taking root. Unfortunately in society at this time, certain groups hold more power than other groups. At the time of equinox this power is energetically evened out so that new ideas, from anyone, have a better chance of taking hold.

Equinox is also a time of a lot of hope. Think about when you plant a garden or a seed. When you put a seed in the ground you know that everything that touches it—earth, water, warmth from the sun—creates an environment for it to sprout. There is a lot of hope and anticipation that the environment will be just right for new growth to occur.

What’s the difference between the spring and the fall equinox?
Both are times of hope. The spring equinox has more energy for planting things externally. This could take the form of getting a new idea or project out into the world. The fall equinox, on the other hand, is a beneficial time to plant within the self, such as establishing a new attitude.

The time of the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere is the time of the fall equinox in the southern hemisphere. Does that matter?
Regardless of whether it’s the spring or fall equinox in a particular region, it’s a time of planting something new. The spring equinox has a greater chance that something planted externally—like a new idea, or something that you want out in the world—will take root. The fall equinox can be used as a time plant something within yourself that you want to grow and nurture. None of this is to say that you can’t plant something in the external world in the fall or something internal in the spring. It’s just that the energy of the spring equinox is a bit stronger for external matters and the fall equinox is slightly stronger for internal matters. The key concept is to use this time to plant something.

Are there other things that would be beneficial for people to do at the time of equinox?
When a seed takes root, it has to cast off its hard, outer shell to expose the tender part that can grow. For people, the energy of equinox can also be viewed as time of casting off what no longer serves. Let’s say someone has harbored something that he didn’t feel was safe to show or express. To protect it, he may have adopted certain ways of thinking or acting. But now he’s ready to start showing that protected part of himself. Opening up the protective casing is the first step. Taking this first step might lead to questions like, “Why haven’t I let this part grow? Why did I feel a need to shelter it?” These questions can lead to a realization that internal protection was needed because of a certain situation or person, for example. Perhaps the next examination is, “Would I let this grow if I didn’t have this situation in my life? Do I need to make a change in a relationship?” Or, it could be about an external situation, like a job that doesn’t fit. Questions might be along the lines of, “This job isn’t serving my growth. Is it because it’s an awful environment? Have I done all I can with this job and feel a need to grow in a new direction?” These types of questions can lead to casting off what no longer serves. Exploring what no longer serves can be the start of what’s needed for the new, tender roots to take hold.