This blog’s first post was about the devastating fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in April 2019. Though the post was about the fire itself, the deeper theme that emerged from the Akashic Records was about transformation and connection. One year later, transformation and connection are again at the forefront, this time not in relation to a world symbol but in relation to what’s happening in the world itself.

The Akashic Records say the social transformation that the coronavirus pandemic is causing will be beneficial in the long run. This hopeful message, however, is in stark contrast to our current experience. So many families are grappling with loss, illness, and economic upheaval. Our healthcare professionals and providers of essential services are selflessly working grueling shifts so that everyone else can stay safe. May we all hold each other with caring and appreciation as we offer as much support as we can, both practical and energetic.

From the Akashic Records
What’s the difference between transformation and enlightenment?
Just like gravity is a law of our three-dimensional reality on Earth, transformation is a law of the universe. Transformation is a stream of energy that can be accessed, and all living things—whether in this world or others—dip into the energy of transformation all the time. Transformation is a law of being. For humans, enlightenment is a possible outcome of using the energy of transformation.

Do we go through times when transformation is more accessible?
While the energy of transformation is always available, there are times when it’s more accessible. Interestingly, fear is one of those times. The presence of fear during a time of change signals that one’s emotional veil is thinner, presenting the opportunity for transformation to occur. Currently, fear around the coronavirus is giving individuals a lot of opportunity to access what’s deep inside of them to take a step toward their own transformation.

It’s also important to understand that transformation doesn’t happen in a giant leap. It most often happens by taking one step at a time. And this is one of the most important things the Akashic Records want to say about transformation: The largest transformations generally happen with lots of small steps taken one after the other over time. Each step opens possibilities that weren’t available before taking that step. This is why most of the time transformation isn’t a straight path.

What does the coronavirus transition/transformation mean for the world?
This current transition requires physical distancing, with people primarily interacting online by phone. Many are missing the in-person connections; they’re finding there is no substitute for being in the physical presence of others. When groups can be together again, those connections will deepen. As viewed through the Akashic Records, the endpoint of this coronavirus will be transformation, both individually and globally. The transformation will help everyone understand very deeply that we are all connected to, and thus affect, everyone else even if we’ve never met the person whose life we are affecting.

Do the keepers have anything more to say about how society transforms itself?
Yes. The thing about transformation within society is that transformation can be exponential, in that each choice sends ripples to the larger whole. The choices each person makes during a time of transformation affects the whole, whether that choice is a smile, a helping hand, a prayer, or some other expression of connection.

What do the Akashic Records have to say about the age of Aquarius?
It’s going to be big, bumpy, and ultimately good. There will be huge transformations. The coronavirus is just the first wave. One of the opportunities the coronavirus is presenting is for each of us to get in touch with our own fears. It’s shining a light on how we allow fear to affect our daily experience. While the coronavirus is bringing up a lot of fear, it’s also bringing up strong desires to be of service. Because humanity does want to bend toward connection and helpfulness, the point of the Age of Aquarius is connection. The ultimate endpoint of the current coronavirus, and also the Age of Aquarius, is deeper connection in order to be in community with each other.

Are specific people playing a role in this new era?
Anyone can play an important role in fostering transformation without having to do or be anything special. When a moment of hope or love is offered, it sends out ripples. These ripples spread exponentially and create room for growth and transformation. We all play a role in our transformation and that of others, whether we’re aware of it or not.